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We're a team of talent with an appetite for
stories, emotions and friendships.
An award-winning team, Botique Wedding Photos and Films
. Fueled by creativity, powered by dopamine, driven by design, for the modern couple.


Akanksha & Kush 

Awarded Wedding Film of the Year 2022, Akanksha and Kush's not-so-Punjabi wedding was a breathtaking blend of tradition and modernity...


Mehek & Bharat

#Boom! Mehek and Bharat's wedding at Hotel W, Abu Dhabi was an explosion of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments...


Vatsala & Karan

A decade of love, sealed with forever! Vatsala and Karan's #10ToEternity celebration was a dream come true. Let these captured moments paint..

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As a leading wedding photography and film studio, we are committed to preserving those 100% natural, unfiltered moments that make up your special day...(Read More)

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In a world where everything seems fleeting and temporary, preserving cherished memories becomes a truly magical endeavor. As India's leading wedding photography and cinematography brand, Hashtag Affairs...(Read More)

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Love & A.I.

In the realm of wedding photography and cinematography, capturing those fleeting moments of love, joy, and celebration is an art form. It's about creating timeless memories that...Read More)


Emotions  Stories  Handcrafted  Films  Boutique  Photos

Emotions  Stories  Handcrafted  Films  Boutique  Photos

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